Dong Open Air

Le Dong Open Air est un festival allemand consacré au metal ayant lieu tous les ans à Neukirchen-Vluyn depuis 2001.

Pour les articles homonymes, voir Dong.

Dong Open Air
Genre Heavy metal
Lieu Neukirchen-Vluyn (Moers)
Date de création 2001



Blood Red Angel, Decapitation, Fianna, Guerrilla, Heartwork, Impure, N.R.G., Stripped Of Flesh, Yppah Nomed.


Adorned Brood, Amityville, Blood Red Angel, Complex 7, Guerrilla, Fianna, Hate Factor, Mabus, N.R.G., Sarx, Schattenleben, Sencirow, Torture Chamber, Violet.


Abaddon, Adorned Brood, Antifreeze, Burden of Grief, Folkedudl, Hate Factor, Night in Gales, Osyris, Psychotron, Ratsbane, Skyclad, Sun of Sadness, Violet, Witchtower.


Chainheart, Crikey, Dark Suns, Disillusion, Equilibrium, Final Breath, Humanity, Insignium, Jack Slater, Jester's Funeral, Lanfear, My Darkest Hate, Seraphim, Suidakra, The Rules, Tomorrow's Eve, Vintersorg.


Aardvarks, Behind the Scenery, Delirious, Desilence, Drawline, Elvenking, Excrementory Grindfuckers, Finntroll, Hate Factor, Intense, Mindcrime, Orkus, Perzonal War, President Evil, Ravage, Skyclad, Stormgarde, Sycronomica, Synasthasia, XIV Dark Centuries.


Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Commander, Contradiction, Dragonland, Grailknights, Guerrilla, Gun Barrel, Hidden In The Fog, Horrorscope, Lords Of Decadence, Motorjesus, Mystic Prophecy, Negator, Osyris, Rotting Christ, Savage Circus, Symbiontic, The Bonny Situation, Turisas.


Absence, Aeveron, All We Hate, Black Messiah, Chainsaw, Cheeno, Dark Age, Darzamat, Debauchery, Eluveitie, Ensiferum, Galskap, Novembers Fall, Månegarm, Orphaned Land, Runamok, Sinister, Skyclad, The Pokes, Van Canto, Verdict.

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